Joining the association

Please fill out this application form and submit it. After receipt we will contact you within 2 weeks to discuss your application.

Enter your current residential street address, including the house number
Enter your residential postal code
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Provide your e-mail address how we can contact you as well as to sign up for the mailinglists
Enter the phone number in international format including the + sign. Your phone number can be used for verification purposes.
Please select what kind of member you want to become.
enter the preffered username for accessing internal systems
Questions, remarks or other information can be added in this section. Also provide some information about yourself and what you plan to do with your allocated resources. We are very interested in what our members do within our community. Also mention your existing ASN/IP space if you have any. Finally list the member services you are interested in (e.g. router VM’s, transport, etc).